I embarked on a project to create a 3D asset using Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, and RealityScan. The goal was to utilize photogrammetry software to replicate an existing object. As I planned the choice of asset, my gaze fell upon a pair of winter boots in my room.

In the past, I have used Reality Capture and PhotoScan for similar tasks, so I decided to experiment with Scaniverse, an iPhone Lidar scanner app. Although the results were acceptable, they did not meet my expectations for scanning the boot.

Upon further research, I discovered RealityScan, an iPhone app developed by the same team behind Reality Capture. This app mirrored the functionality of its desktop counterpart and, despite its simplicity, proved to be quite effective.

Once the boot was scanned, I continued to the retopology phase using Maya. With that finished, I shifted my focus to the Look Development aspect in Blender. The textures were authored in Substance Painter, and the final render was also executed in Blender.

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